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We utilize several locations in the Chicagoland area based upon availability. All of our tracks require the use of ramps, although depending on the location, the height and length may vary. Generally our ramps are about 4' high and about 8' long. Below you will find pictures, directions and links to maps.
Addison track viewed from the top, facing west.
Addison track viewed from the bottom, facing east. You will notice the lights on the left, they are used to indicate lane winner and over all winner. Thanks to Stan Oles.
The track in Addison,IL is located off of route 53 just north of route 64. Take route 53 north to Fullerton, turn right, go to Lombard dr.and turn right. This road will end at Jeffrey dr, turn left and take a quick right at the Addison Public works entrance. This road will take you to the track. Pits and parking are at the top of the track.
The track in Naperville is a city street located in an industrial area on the west side of town. The track is located just south of I-88 near the intersection of I-88 and Route 59. Once you are at route 59 and I-88 head south to Diehl Rd and turn west. Proceed west on Diehl Rd for about 1 1/2 miles until you reach Frontenac. At this point you will turn left (south) and you will immediately be at the top of the track. In the event that the race has started you will need to turn around and go back east to Shore Rd. Proceed down Shore Rd to the first street, turn right, go to the next street, which is Frontenac,and you will be at the bottom of the track. If you are a racer you can unload your car and pit on the east side of the street. Once you are unloaded we ask that all vehicles park in the adjacent parking lots.
Naperville hill viewed from the top.
Naperville hill viewed from the bottom.